Cleveland Reads Frequently Asked Questions

How to Participate in the
Cleveland Reads Challenge

How to Register

Cleveland READS | How to Register

Register Class for Beanstack

Cleveland READS | Register Class for Beanstack

How to Log Books

Cleveland READS | Log Books

How to Log Minutes

Cleveland READS | How to Log Minutes on Beanstack

Can I participate in both the Books and Minute Cleveland READS Challenge?

No, you must select one or the other.

Do audiobooks, newspapers, and magazines count toward reading?


Do I have to live or work in Cleveland to participate in Cleveland READS?

No, all are welcome. Prizes will not be mailed and must be picked up in person.

Is there an App for Beanstack?

Yes, there is a Beanstack app for both Apple and Android users.

Does it matter if I log my books/minutes on the website or the App?

No, both work and will sync as it is tied to your username.

What happens if I forget to log my minutes read from yesterday?

You can log into the Beanstack website, click on the calendar, click on yesterday’s date, and enter the minutes spent reading.

What is the maximum number of books, time, or pages I can log?

Library readers can log up to 10 hours, 100 books, or 1,000 pages simultaneously. Anything above that will result in an error message stating, “you cannot log that many minutes/books/pages.”

If I am part of a book group, can I sign us up as a group, or do we need to sign up individually?

You can register as a group. Please note that groups are capped at 250 people.

If we sign up as a group of 15 people and all read the same book, does it count as 15 or one books?

It counts as one book read by 15 readers.

What if I have already signed up for previous challenges and need help remembering
my username or password?

Visit, and click on Sign In. Select forgot my username or password to reset. You can also contact your local Cleveland Public Library branch for assistance.

What if my child has already signed up for Beanstack at school? Can they have more than one account?

Readers should have one account on Beanstack.