About Cleveland Reads

Get ready to level up your summer reading game with Cleveland READS! Earn points, badges, and rewards for staying active in our program. Whether you’re reading books, writing reviews, participating in weekly activities, or attending our exciting events, every engagement earns you points!

Here’s how it works

Rack up points every time you interact with the Library. Once you hit 2000 points, you’ll score tickets to unlock even more fantastic rewards. So get started with your and let the rewards roll in!

How To Earn Points

ActivitiesPoints earned for Preschool (age 0-5)Points Earned for K-8Points for Grade 9-12
Read a book100200200
Write a book review200200
Attend the Cleveland Reads Kickoff event200200100
Week 1: attend a Cleveland Reads Authenticity Program100100100
Week 2-3: attend a Cleveland Reads Authenticity Program100100100
Week 4-5: attend a Cleveland Reads Bravery Program100100100
Week 6-7: attend a Cleveland Reads Creativity Program100100100
Week 8: Attend & Share your authenticity, bravery, & creativity in a fun, digital project100100100
Preschoolers: attend a “0 to 3: Read to Me Playdate” at CPL200
Preschoolers: attend a FamilySpace program at CPL100
Visit Learning @ Fulton , Best Buy Tech Center @ Rockport or 525 at Main100
Register by June 22nd for this point boost200200200
Point boost at reaching 1000 points (50% completion) by July 6, 2024200200200


How to achieve 1000 points


Read 10 books
Read 4 books and attend 3 ” 0 to 3: Read to Me Playdate” at CPL

Pre K-12 Students

Read 5 books
Read 3 books and attend 4 programs
read 3 books and write 2 book reviews

Join us on a journey of discovery and growth, where every page turned and every word spoken ignites a passion for learning and a deeper understanding of oneself and others. Let’s embark together on this transformative summer adventure, earning points for prizes along the way.